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coverAlthough it’s probably the most important job many people will have, most of us enter parenthood seriously lacking knowledge. Regardless of how many parenting books we read, we raise our children pretty much by instinct based on what our parents did or what we wish they had done. This can be effective when things go well. But when a child begins to veer off course, our instincts can sabotage our efforts to lead him or her back to a safe path.

In her book From Monsters to Miracles: Parent-Driven Recovery Tools that Work author Anette Edens, PhD, shares her experience as a parent and psychologist helping families with children who have addictions. She teaches you how to parent intentionally, adapting to changes in our culture as well as the developmental, biological, and social challenges children face as they mature. What worked for us when parenting a younger child may no longer be effective as the child approaches adolescence and can quickly get into trouble with drugs and alcohol. Adolescents are adept at hiding their use of mind-altering chemicals, so parents often don’t know about their children’s drug or alcohol use until it’s either out of control, or the child has lost his or her life.

From Monsters to Miracles: Parent-Driven Recovery Tools that Work is a must-read for parents of substance-abusing teens. You’ll learn how to maneuver through the chaos to create a harmonious family life. Even if your teen is not ready or willing to change, there is help and hope.

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