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Dr. Anette Edens left the world of finance to retrain as a psychologist when it became clear that her interests were more about people than investments. She joined the faculty of a small private university, where her research increasingly spotlighted the inadequacy of traditional treatment models to address the growing crisis of adolescent substance abuse. After the death of her youngest daughter, she dedicated herself to saving adolescent lives. This became her calling. She joined a group of passionate parents and advisors to develop and open a sober high school which has since grown into an exemplary model for recovery schools around the country. She opened a treatment program for young adults and their parents and began consulting with a young and brilliant counselor of like mind whose adolescent practice was perfect to introduce a parenting program to parallel the programming for the adolescents. By working with these families and using her own experiences with an alcoholic husband and troubled teen, she developed keen insight into the relationship between personal behavioral choices and the destructive behavior of others. Over more than twenty years she has provided innovative and effective approaches to emotional healing. Her work with families whose adolescents abuse substances has earned wide acceptance in the academic, professional, and recovery communities.





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